Coaching Certificates

Associate Certified Coaches

Our Coach Dr. Mandy Zimmermann is certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with the ACC credential, on the path to receive the PCC credential. She absolved over 200 hours of professional coach training hours and demonstrated knowledge and emerging proficiency in the application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching.

Certified Executive Coaches

Our coach Dr. Mandy Zimmermann is certified with the Center for Executive Coaching, the leading coaching training & certification company for professional executive and leadership coaches, accredited by the International Coaching Federation. As a CEC coach, Mandy is equipped to help develop solutions that get practical, measurable results for clients.

High Intelligence and Giftedness

Coach Bahman has been trained by Novilo to work with highly intelligent and gifted individuals. He worked at Feniks Talent as a group coach and was trained by the top giftedness experts in Europe. Topics covered include; talent development, emotional regulation, effective studying, behavioral and emotional coaching, setting goals and achieving them, breaking phobia, developing social skills, finding meaning, conflict management and communication.



Certified User of Profile XT®

The Profile XT® is a multi-purpose assessment used for personal and team development, training, managing, candidate matching and succession planning. The assessment measures tendencies in thinking styles and behavioral traits which then can be used for personal and professional development, goal setting and succession planning of employees and leaders. Due to well established benchmarks, peak job performance models can be developed by company, position, manager or geography.

TRACOM’s Social Style®

Social Style® is used to assess and understand preferred ways of acting, thinking and making decisions. The model explains behavioral traits through a combination of assertiveness and responsiveness and helps teams and managers improve their interpersonal effectiveness and therewith success in the workplace.