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You are carrying a superpower on your shoulders. Learn how to use it and build the life you deserve and build the life you deserve with our Unlock Your Mind program.

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5 hours: The Foundation.
10 hours: The Premium Program.
20 hours: The Extended Program.

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The Unlock Your Mind Program

Have you ever felt like you should be able to do more?

Achieve more? Be less stressed?

Do you feel a disconnection between your mind, your body, and the world sometimes?

We have created a transformational coaching experience that allows you to realise the incredible potential you have,

and probably don’t even know about. The program will walk you through 5 crucial steps:

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$ 3,000.00 USD
$ 2,700.00 USD
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Results that speak for themselves

“I've shuffled through some of the (supposed) best coaches in the world and none have been has helpful as Bahman was in just the first few sessions alone..”

Yanjaa Wintersoul
3x world record memory athlete

“Coach Bahman is truly passionate about helping people. He not only knows a lot of practical concepts that will help you to overcome your obstacles, but he also has a sincere and authentic way of teaching them. It is a pleasure working with him. He embodies a high level of diligence in his work which makes it very pleasant to work with.”

Benjamine Rolle
Founder @ Raise Your Edge

"As someone who has been working on mindset and personal growth deeply for years for many year, I find it hard to come by new valuable sources in this field. But when I opted Coach Bahman's Foundation Program, I found each of the 5 sessions to not only be very valuable but also transformative. Bahman goes above and beyond in helping one recognize and weed out their detrimental patterns. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a healthy push in the right direction.

Nikita Luther
#1 India Poker Player

“Talking with Coach Bahman allowed me to finally find a process for something that happened to me, and I found challenging to put it into words. His work with highly intelligent people is incredibly powerful and much needed.”

Lee Davy
1000 Days Sober

"Exceeded All Expectations. Bahman has so many qualities that make him an incredible mental game/performance coach: - listens extremely well - gives good feedback - very knowledgeable in the space - incredibly giving with his time. I immediately purchased an additional 10, and am excited and humbled to be his continuing student. Strongly recommend for anyone who is working on their performance, but especially in poker, content creation, or coaching."

Matt Vaughan 
Professional Poker Player

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