As a mindset and performance coach since 2011, Bahman Zarghami is no stranger to managing teams & individuals who perform in high-stress environments.

Bahman has been working with intellectually gifted and highly sensitive personality clients for over a decade. These professionals are more and more common in a world where intellectual skills like complex problem solving are rewarded. Bahman will help you understand how to manage high potential team members in a way that brings out their peak potential.

Bahman is specialized in 1-on-1 High-Performance leadership coaching, conflict management & talent development.


Bahman has a degree in event management. He started his career in music; discovered and managed artists and organized events for them to showcase their talents. Soon, he discovered that his purpose and passion lay in personal relationships and talent development, so, in 2012, he transitioned from music into coaching.

Coaching Qualification: 
2012: He started as an intern in a youth center and revolutionized the way they approached events. By bringing his music industry experience to counseling he attracted thousands of new youth and became a hotspot in the city for art & talent. His approach to counseling helped the youth center to make multiple national headlines.

2014: After following the Jimmy’s mentorship program he transitioned to full-time professional and became the head coach of the youth center. Trainings included: provocative coaching, communication, positive psychology, conflict management and behavioral and emotional coaching.

2018: He discovered his passion in high intelligence and giftedness. He was hired by the top giftedness center Feniks Talent in The Netherlands, founded by world renowned Tijl Koenderink from Novilo. There he trained as a giftedness coach and soon became responsible for a group of 40+ highly intelligent and gifted clients. 

2020: The start of Coach Bahman International Coaching Services, where he has worked with hundreds of high performers all over the world. From C-level executives to professional athletes. He has never stopped studying and will always continue to grow his knowledge of performance.