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With an combined 25 years of experience in high-performance coaching we have worked with business executives, top level corporate professionals, professional athletes, and high performers from all walks of life. As a result, we were able to develop a new way of looking at performance, and a trail-blazing way of coaching. Everybody deserves access to High-Performance and we're here to spread the word.

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"I'm a professional poker player. I didn't mention it because I feel like
it doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter if you're a poker player or a high-performer in another field."

- Igor Picone

I am Bahman Zarghami,
they call me Coach.

I have spent the last decade helping people realise their true potential, and overcome their unique obstacles. My ambition is to help individuals recognize their intellectual gift, integrate it with society, and create amazing lives.

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"Coach Bahman is a solid guy, extremely intelligent;
I highly recommend for anyone who is serious about better understanding themselves and improving themselves"

- Ronnie Jeha

Results that speak for themselves

“I've shuffled through some of the (supposed) best coaches in the world and none have been has helpful as Bahman was in just the first few sessions alone..”

Yanjaa Wintersoul
Professional memory athlete & memory coach
Holds 3 world records, public speaker and polyglot
As seen on Netflix, HBO, The Guardian & Wired

“Coach Bahman is truly passionate about helping people. He not only knows a lot of practical concepts that will help you to overcome your obstacles, but he also has a sincere and authentic way of teaching them. It is a pleasure working with him. He embodies a high level of diligence in his work which makes it very pleasant to work with.”

Benjamine Rolle
Professional poker player
Founder @ Raise Your Edge Poker Training Platform
Over $33.5 million dollars in winnings

"When I opted for Coach Bahman's Foundation Program, I found each of the 5 sessions to not only be very valuable but also transformative. Bahman goes above and beyond. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a healthy push in the right direction."

Nikita Luther
Professional Poker Player
#1 India Female Poker Player
First Indian female WSOP bracelet winner

“Talking with Coach Bahman allowed me to finally find a process for something that happened to me, and I found challenging to put it into words. His work with highly intelligent people is incredibly powerful and much needed.”

Lee Davy
Addiction coach
Filmmaker & Host of Triton

"Working with coach Bahman has been a pleasure. His honest feedback helps in the process of self improvement by keeping me accountable for my actions week by week."

Thomas Lim
Professional Golf Player

"Exceeded All Expectations. I immediately purchased an additional 10 sessions, and am excited and humbled to be his continuing student. Strongly recommend for anyone who is working on their performance."

Matt Vaughan 
Professional Poker Player
Content creator

"Since becoming aware of Coach Bahman via my Raise Your Edge ties I have worked with him on calls which has helped me tremendously.  Coach Bahman has a very soothing technique that allows me to talk & helps me to hear the solution to my own current problems needing to be solved. I highly recommend coach Bahman!"

Jeff Gross
Professional Poker Player
Entrepreneur & Investor

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"You also get the very real sense that Bahman genuinely CARES about you and WANTS you to improve.
That's a nebulous thing but it's incredibly tangible and makes all the difference on our calls."
- Matt Vaughan

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