The Difference Between Therapy And Coaching

They say the difference between therapy and coaching is that therapy focuses on mental health and healing and coaching focuses on setting goals and achieving them. I disagree. I think there can be a bit of both in both professions. So how do you choose what’s right for you?

the difference between therapy and coaching
Therapy and coaching are not that different as you think.

Many people say that coaching is for developing a strategy to achieve goals and learning how to achieve them, and therapy is for emotional healing and mental health issues.

In the past, I would agree. But ever since Tony Robbins proved to the world that life coaches can help people heal trauma, improve mental health, and achieve things beyond their imagination it is clear that coaching and therapy are growing closer together.

In my opinion coaches and therapists are related to each other and if you find yourself in a healing process you would benefit tremendously from both.

More and more mental health institutions are using coaches AND therapists to help the clients to the best of their abilities.

I myself come from a counseling and coaching background so I have seen both sides and experienced that coaching and therapy both have a place in the healing process.

Coaches are specialized in setting goals, holding you accountable, lifestyle choices, life strategies, hold you to high expectations, and also knows what it takes to perform on a high level in life.

Therapists are specialized in mental health, understand the science behind healing, can offer treatments like CBT and EDMR, and have a closer connection to psychiatry in case there is a need for medication.

This doesn’t mean that therapists do not have coaching skills and coaches do not have therapy skills.

When I speak to therapists I see a lot of knowledge about coaching and they recognize and respect my craft as well.

I am happy to see this change and hope therapists and coaches continue to grow closer together and recognize each other’s talents.