Job Position: Full-Time Remote Senior Project/Operations Manager

Coach Bahman Services is looking for a full-time remote senior project/operations manager, who is passionate about helping high-performers to optimize their personal and professional performance. Experience in coaching and or psychology is a plus but not necessary to apply for this position.

About Coach Bahman:

With over 10 years of experience in coaching, we have worked with business executives, top-level corporate professionals, professional athletes, and high performers from all walks of life. As a result, we were able to develop a new way of looking at performance, and a trail-blazing way of coaching.

Coach Bahman is a young and growing company based in Singapore. It's an international coaching service for individuals, groups, and businesses. Since the start in March 2020, the company has grown from 1 coach to a team of 7 professionals passionately working to help highly intelligent (High IQ) and highly sensitive professionals (HSP), manage their personal and professional challenges. We are currently working with professional poker players, golf professionals, YouTubers, coaches, business owners, entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, start-ups, and many other clients. More information about us and our work on

Company team values:

  • Full accountability; take ownership of your feats and your mistakes.
  • Transparancy; honesty is the foundation of our service and our team
  • Loyalty; loyal to each other and loyal to the cause.


  • Managing our client accounts
  • Communication, planning, and onboarding/offboarding of private clients
  • Design and communicate coaching programs for our corporate clients
  • Design and manage budgets for corporate clients
  • Daily operations; setup team meetings, performance evaluations & other business operations
  • Setup and maintain our coaching database of client accounts, programs, and reviews
  • Setup and maintain our business database of company operations; contracts, evaluations, and protocols
  • Use software like, Gsuite, Office, Slack, and an array of communication platforms to design and manage projects and communicate with our clients.
  • Manage the finances of the programs; budgets and P&L.

We are looking for a project/business manager who:

  • Has 3+ years experience in project/business management
  • Has experience working in a team but also enjoys working independently
  • Has a business background
  • Has the skills and confidence to take charge of daily business operations
  • Has solid knowledge in CRM, project management software (Slack,, Gsuite (Google Calendar and Google Drive), and Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)
  • Is highly reliable and punctual
  • Is trustworthy and proactive
  • Has good listening skills
  • Native in English both speaking and writing
  • Full-time commitment (remotely)

Extra qualifications:

  • Knowledge of coaching/psychology
  • Looking to grow, develop and increase their scope of responsibilities
  • Experience in scaling a growing international business
  • Experience in working with an international clientele

Coach Bahman is run by a team of experts who work together very closely to ensure we offer the best experience to our clients. We are looking for someone who can take the lead in their job but help is always there when needed. We promote teamwork and personal and professional growth.

Send us your resume, and motivation to with the subject: Project/Business Manager