Job Opening - Senior Coach


Coach Bahman Services is looking for senior coaches, who are passionate about helping others to overcome challenges related to High Intelligence and High Sensitivity.

About Coach Bahman:
Coach Bahman is a young and growing company based in Singapore. It's an international coaching service for individuals, groups, and businesses.  Since the start in March, the company has grown
from 1 coach to a team of 7 professionals passionately working to help highly intelligent (High IQ)
and highly sensitive professionals (HSP) manage their personal and professional challenges.  We have worked with leaders who manage high IQ and HSP employees, professional poker players,
streamers, YouTubers, influencers, coaches, business owners, entrepreneurs, and many other clients. We have also worked with several major billion dollars companies, helping managers and employees reach their full potential in their work and their life.  More information about us and our work on

- Performing coaching, learning, and implementing tools and techniques
- Conducting 1:1 personal and corporate coaching sessions according to programs
- Assisting Coach Bahman with active premium coaching programs
- Defining clients goals and helping them to stick it
- Getting clients feedback and adjust accordingly
- Taking care of agreements, questionnaires, and interviews
- Building positive relationships with clients through chats, emails, and video calls (physical optional)

We are looking for a senior coach who:
- Has 3+ years experience of coaching practice
- Has a psychology/social work degree
- Has the willingness to conduct premium coaching for C-level corporate clients
- Has solid knowledge in mental health, personal development, or knowledge of High Intelligence and High Sensitivity
- Is trustworthy and proactive
- Has good listening skills
- Native in English both speaking and writing
- Part-time/full-time commitment (possible remotely)

Extra qualifications:
- Intellectual giftedness expertise
- Burnout recovery expertise
- Coaching certificates (physical or online)

Send us your resume, and motivation to with the subject: Senior Coach