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Much researches have proven that humans can achieve a high level of focus for up to 2 hours. After 2 hours their performance will drop. Less clear judgment, less access to short and long-term memory, worse decision making, and much more. This is why it’s highly recommended to stop, take a break, walk away, and came back for another high focus 2-hour session.

Working in 2 hours blocks can improve your focus.


There are many ‘superfoods’ that can help you boost focus. Nuts, berries, plenty of water. I have been experimenting with supplements and I have been enjoying Four Sigmatic Mushroom Tea very much. What I would recommend is looking to remove things out of your diet that disrupts your focus over temporarily improving it. Food with high levels of fat, sodium, sugar, and caffeine. Remove those out of your diet and you will improve your focus tremendously.

Healthy and balanced diet will impact your focus tremendously!


This one is very practical. If you wake up in the morning and exercise you will start your day off with a bang! It gives you all the positive and productive hormones you need to perform with focus. Now if you can also finish that exercise off with a cold shower, you’re really killing it!


Everyone has been through these sessions of chaos. Forgot the coffee, where did I put my pen, lost my notebook and why is my internet not working. An easy way to prevent frustrations that will pull you out of your focus is by preparing your sessions. Make sure you have water, fruit, a notebook, pens and everything works like it should before you start your session.

No distractions

That frigging smartphone. Always there, lurking, trying to pull is in. Giving us notifications and hitting us with that sweet dopamine. You know what to do right? Get that smartphone out of your sight. If you have to have it in your environment, make sure you tell people who need you to CALL you and not text you. This means you can turn your notifications off, all of them. Something I highly recommend doing, even outside of high focus environments.

Get rid of all distractions to be able to stay focused!

Learn to say no

This will not only improve your performance but your life. There are always people who require our help, advice or just to listen to them. Set your boundaries and protect them. Learn to say no. Tell them that during this 2-hour schedule you will not be available for anything because you need to focus. Remember: if you don’t respect your own time and schedule, other people won’t respect it either.

Set goals and intentions

It’s hard to stay focused without clear goals. What are you actually working on? What are some focus points? What are the things that you would like to improve your performance? Once you write these down you’ll be surprised how many sessions you simply work, just to say you’re working. You need goals and intentions and I can help you with this!

Write down your goals so you know what to focus on.