20 Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

High Sensitive Personality, also called HSP, is a personality trait. People with HSP are more ‘sensitive’ so they experience life more deeply and are more aware of their environment. This is 20 signs you are a highly sensitive person.

Do you often feel exhausted after a social event? Do you feel overstimulated in crowds? Do you have a complex and deep relationship with yourself? Do you notice and enjoy food, art, scents, and sounds more deeply than people around you? Then you might be a highly sensitive person.

Highly Intelligent people are often also Highly Sensitive. Higher awareness often leads to a higher level of intelligence.

The famous Carl Jung spoke first about High Sensitivity. In many articles and lectures, he discussed that some people are just simply born more sensitive than others. Their experience and perception of life are unique and it leads to several challenges and opportunities.

Here are total of 20 signs you are a highly sensitive person, the good and the bad.

The bad.

Let’s get it out of the way. Being a highly sensitive person is hard at times.

  1. Feeling exhausted after a social event.
  2. Feeling overstimulated when many people are talking at the same time.
  3. Perfectionistic.
  4. Very high level of empathy and ‘feel’ other people’s moods deeply.
  5. More sensitive to drugs like alcohol, nicotine, THC, and caffeine.
  6. Noticing every little subtle shift in behavior dynamics in group settings.
  7. Feel the need to ‘hide’ after a busy day. Disconnect from people and responsibilities.
  8. Changes have a major impact on your life.
  9. Social conflicts bother you for longer times than they do with the other party.
  10. You make it a priority to avoid crowded or noisy places.

These are a few of the challenges that HSP deals with. But it’s not all bad, once aware and able to recognize these challenges you can start to do some real deep inner work.

The good.

Let’s get into the beautiful parts of highly sensitive personality.

  1. You know people, like really know people. You can ‘read’ people quite easily and your first impression is usually correct.
  2. You experience movies, art, food, music more deeply. It can touch you on a personal level and can live with you for a long period of time.
  3. You empathize deeply, thus often understand people who feel misunderstood.
  4. You don’t hang out with many people but the people you do hang out with, they value you immensely.
  5. You have a deep relationship with yourself. You often take time to reflect on yourself and love spending that time with yourself.
  6. You see solutions (and challenges) that not many other people see. Because of your high awareness, you feel and see these things.
  7. You are compassionate and want other people around you to do good as well.
  8. You are a great listener.
  9. You can connect certain pieces of information together that many other people can’t.
  10. When you feel, you feel deeply.

These signs might explain why you call yourself lazy, a introvert or a wussy. That kind of language is self-destructive and is not going to help you improve in any way. Use kind language when you speak to and about yourself.

The first step to change is awareness and hopefully, this helped you to become more aware.

The first step to utilizing HSP is becoming aware of how your personality is affecting your behavior in various situations. A great way to start self-improvement is by writing down these that you recognize and writing down your default reaction to them. After that write down your ideal reaction to them. Do none of these 20 signs you are a highly sensitive person resonate with you? Don’t worry, these are just guidelines, everybody is different and you might experience it differently.

If you need help with high intelligence or high sensitivity, please don’t be afraid to reach out to me.