As a high intelligence coach since 2012, Bahman Zarghami is no stranger to high-stress environments where people often question their resolve and ability to overcome intimidating obstacles. He has struggled with high intelligence, high sensitivity, and fell into all the traps that he could possibly walk into. His story is saddening, inspiring but above all, it’s a story of resilience.

Story of Bahman Zarghami

A refugee at the age of 2, Bahman and his family had to flee war-and-poverty-torn Iran to have any hope of a decent future. While pressured to seek safety and security in lands they didn’t know and among people who didn’t welcome them, Bahman would deal with addiction and mental illness in the face of private and family struggles that only experience can articulate.

Throughout his childhood, he was challenged with high intelligence, high sensitivity, ADD, and dealt with many misdiagnosed mental health conditions. There was not a lot of knowledge of ADD, high intelligence, and high sensitivity in the late 90s and early 2000s. This led him to feel misunderstood and experience failure after failure for his entire childhood up until his early 20s. Disappointed and angry he quit school at 16 and that fueled the start of his journey of entrepreneurship. After being abandoned by what little was left of his family he was forced to figure life out on his own, and eventually, he did.

After many different endeavors, he started to volunteer at a youth center. He quickly discovered that this was his purpose and became the full-time inner-city youth worker. There he learned about high intelligence, high sensitivity, and ADD. But mostly, he learned about himself. After 4 years he went on to work for Feniks Talent in Utrecht in The Netherlands. This is a center for highly-intelligent school dropouts, founded by world-renowned intellectual giftedness specialist Tijl Koenderink. He was surrounded by the smartest professionals and scientists in the country and soaked up as much as he possibly could. On a cold and rainy day in 2020, he met his business partners during a dinner in Amsterdam. After discovering how similar the set of challenges of High-Performing Professionals was compared to High-Intelligence, High-Sensitivity, and ADD, they all knew what they had to do. The stars were aligned and they started Coach Bahman on that day.

story of coach bahman

Bahman is no stranger to performing on a high level under extremely stressful circumstances with high stakes. He started his first business in the music entertainment industry, grew his social media brand, and started his High-Performance mindset coaching business. He did all of this without a degree, no funds and, being homeless during his 20s. At 30 years of age, he has already seen and been through more than most. Growing up around alcoholism, PTSD, depression, abuse, and neglect but also around investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs. This gave him a broad scope of experiences and the lessons he needed to become an extraordinary mindset coach.

His unique insight of life will amaze you, inspire you, and more importantly teach you that your performance is in your hands. You are the master of your universe.

Bahman’s first-hand experience taught him where rock bottom was and exactly how it feels. But it also instilled in him qualities of resolve and clarity that allowed him to go from being homeless to becoming a motivation coach and helping others cope with their lives, professions, and pursuits with unwavering determination.

By helping you discover negative patterns of thought and behavior, Coach Bahman gives you unique insight into yourself and allows you to overcome them while empowering your future actions with positive adaptability.

Bahman is specialized in High-Performance Professionals like business professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, and other professionals who perform in high-stress environments.

Bahman is not only fully dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential, but he is also a friend, mentor, and guidance. He is not perfect and believes that everyone in the world is a work in progress. He doesn’t believe in authoritative coaching, he believes in an equal relationship where we can learn from each other. He will support you but also push you. He is patient, kind but also ruthlessly honest and wants you to go beyond your self-perceived limits. He is not going to bullshit you.

He sees right through your intellectual self sabotage and does not fall for the narcissism and mental gymnastics of a gifted individual.

If you’re still interested after reading this, we think we will make a great team together.

Coaching with Coach Bahman is designed for people who have to manage a life with:

  • Intellectually Giftedness. (High intelligence)
  • HSP. (High Sensitivity Personality)
  • High performance.
  • High-stress environments.

Past and current clients includes:

  • YouTubers.
  • Twitter personalities.
  • Musicians.
  • Twitch Streamers.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Business owners.
  • Investors.
  • Crypto traders.
  • Professional Poker Players.
  • Professional Sports Betters.

There is no better time than now to start your journey towards a better, happier, and more healthy lifestyle.

Bahman Zarghami

Founder & CEO

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