I am Bahman Zarghami

But most people call me Coach.

I'm on a journey dedicated to teaching professionals how to understand and utilise high-performance.

- A decade of coaching experience
- From Professional Athletes to CEOs


Redefining performance.

my Mission

Coach Bahman has dedicated his life to empowering the individuals’ untapped potential in a uniformed world. He has helped countless people understand their obstacles, and how to translate it into higher performance and happiness. Furthermore, he has enabled businesses to make use of the massive, untapped potential of their employees.

Coach bahman

About our team

Coach Bahman

Performance Coach & Program Director

With over 10 years of experience in High-Performance I help our clients with personal and professional performance, managing self-sabotage, learning mental strategies, setting & reaching goals and achieving alignment between values and actions.

Dr. Mandy Zimmermann (ACC)

Senior Performance Coach

After a successful career in corporate management, I help our clients to build and keep a structure in a fast growing environment, focus on objectives while considering the big picture, increase productivity and efficiency in their teams and master communication and collaboration throughout the organization.


Erica Da Silva

Operations Manager

I manage the day-to-day operations and personal and corporate client accounts.


Financial Director

I manage the financial team.


Social Media Manager

I manage the social media channels and communities of the team.



I am the accountant and offer financial and legal advice for our team.

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About me

The story and experience of Coach Bahman

A journey dedicated to teaching individuals how to understand and utilise their potential. Bahman Zarghami is a trailblazer, redefining the definition of performance.

He has spent over a decade deciphering what performance actually means, and why it is that so many smart & succesful people struggle to achieve consistent high performance. He has worked with clients from all walks of life, from gifted children to high-performing executives, from underachievers to professional athletes.

He learned to look at performance in a ground-breaking, new way, changing peoples understanding of what it means to be a high-performer and how to become one yourself.

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